"A New Approach to the Solidification of Cast Iron."

By: Cees van de Velde.
Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.


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Thank you for visiting "A New Approach to the Solidification of Cast Iron" On this Web-site you will find a full story of my latest findings on Cast Iron solidification, a research project which I started in 1992 and is still going on. The outcome of my work turned out to be quite different from traditional and established ideas about this subject. It is not surprising therefore that not everybody will agree with it. This will quickly change however, when my findings are verified by others. Many of the thousands of publications I studied, showed long forgotten facts that support my new explanation on the validity of the Iron-carbon diagram, the solidification mechanism of and graphite formation mechanism in cast iron.
I hope that you will enjoy reading through these pages and it would be greatly appreciated to receive a comment from you.

Cees van de Velde.

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